Vegas Woody

Vegas Woody is Woody Goulart. He produces art and storytelling using his pseudonym, Madeira Desouza.

He lives year-round in Las Vegas, Nevada. The reputation he has is that of a blogger, coach, consultant, digital artist, photographer, podcaster, trainer, writer. He is known as a polymath, a person with a high awareness and knowledge about many different subjects.

Call or text him at 702-805-5492.

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Taboo Visions Artworks from Las Vegas

Working since 2007 using his pseudonym Madeira Desouza, his art showcased here pushes boundaries and societal norms. He is an artist member of The 18b Las Vegas Arts District Association.

Taboo Podcasts from Vegas

Using his pseudonym Madeira Desouza, he is the creator, producer and host of a taboo podcast from Las Vegas since 2021 with over 125,600 total listener downloads. Available on the top podcast distribution platforms—Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, I Heart Radio, Pandora, and Spotify.

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Provocative Science Fiction Storyteller

His full-length novel Baja Clavius: Moon Men Deep Inside using his pseudonym Madeira Desouza explores social issues such as the sexual manipulation of men by other men and life after death.

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Hollywood Rock and Roll Radio History Writer

He preserved the history from nearly 60 years ago of radio station KHJ in Hollywood on the Boss Radio Forever website.